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Turner Customer Home Process

Our Custom Home Process

Do you already have the architectural plans for your custom dream home? If so, bring them to us. We will use our knowledge and experience to ensure you have thought through all of the details and we will plan each choice and selection to ensure the end result is what you envision.

Do you have an idea of what you want, but no plan yet? That’s fine, too! We will match you with an architect to plan the right footprint for your home.

Builders often leave the final details, such as finishing selections, until last. And those details are often passed on to someone else to manage. This leaves much of the final cost and budget until later in the building process, giving home owners uncertainty regarding their costs. It doesn’t have to be that way!

Right from the beginning, we will work to provide fully detailed plans that give you the costs for fixtures and finishes right from the beginning. No outlandish surprises! And we see it through from beginning to end. Building your custom dream home is about making the right choices. The first right choice you can make is to call Turner Custom Homes.

Step One: Initial Consultation

Meet with the the Turner Custom Home sales team and we will discuss your overall budget and the size of home you need.  If you need a plan we would bring in our architect to help you develop your dream home look and floor plan.  Once you are happy this that you would move into step two which is getting into more detail on the finishing of your home.

Step Two: Firm Price Quote

We will than start on work with our design team to start to pick out the specifics for your custom home.  The only way you can get a true and accurate price for custom home is to make your selections. During this time you will select your interior and exterior design features, including brick/rock, granite, tile, carpet, interior and exterior paint colors, doors, and trim. Just breaking your custom house into allocated budgets often causes the new home build go over budget, we want you to make your exact choices.  We want you to make your selections so we can know exactly what everything is going to cost.  Once the firm price quote is developed and you are happy with everything you see.   Now we are ready to sign a contract and get started building your home.

Step Three: Construction Schedule & Permits

We will go over placement of your home on your lot and finalize the plans and submit the permits.  Our project management team will put together a construction schedule and once we have all the permits we will begin.

Step Four: Foundation

We start escavating the site in preperation of the foundation Footings, basement or slabs are put into place along with plumbing and all other under-slab lines are installed.  Once all the necessary inspections are complete, the foundation is poured.

Step Five: Framing

During this step, your home’s structural components are assembled and verified, including correct load bearing points, positive connection hardware, brace panels, plywood, and Tyvec-wrapped exteriors walls. Roofing, siding, and windows are professionally installed.

At this time, the Turner Custom Home team will walk through the house with you and lay out cabinets, lighting, and door swing positions according to selections made during the Design phase. Now that we can walk through the house, we can make adjustments to the position of these items and clearly mark them for our subcontractor’s benefit.

Step Six: Plumbing / Mechanical / Electrical Rough in

During this time, work will begin to move on both the outside and inside of your home. The rock / brick can begin to be installed on the outside while inside the rough plumbing, heating, and electrical components are installed.

At this time, the builder will verify that all selections and locations specified in the plans are followed by the contractors. At the completion of this step, all inspections required by the city or county, including framing, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical rough must be passed prior to installing insulation and moving to the next step.

Step Seven: Insulation, Drywall, Trim, and Painting

At this time, work continues on the inside and outside of your home. Prior to installing insulation, a final walk through is done with the Turner Customer Homes Project Manager to verify that no minor adjustments or corrections are needed.
Insulation is added, followed by drywall installation, flooring and custom cabinets and millwork is installed and completed.  Next up will be doors and trim are professionally installed.  Followed by interior paiting.

Step Eight: Completion

This is the final steps of construction:

  • Multiple trades will begin completing their final installations including plumbing, mechanical, electrical, & lighting.
  • The final grading and landscaping will be completed.
  • Tile and carpet is installed.
  • The Painters will go through the house for a final “touch up” to ensure your home is ready to move in.
  • The house is professionally cleaned from top to bottom.
  • During this stage, the builder will continue to monitor the minor details of your home to ensure your home meets our standards.
  • The builder will have a final “walk-through” with the owners.
  • During this “walk-through”, we will explain the different aspects of your new home as well as the advantages you now have of owning a Turner Custom Home.

Step Nine: Wrap Up

After Closing has occurred, you will receive keys to your new Turneer Custom Home.
You will also receive a “Welcome Home” packet, full of specific information regarding your new home.

Step Ten: Party

One month after “Moving Day”

We arrange with you to have a house warming party with your friends.  We will provide the wine to celebrate your new Turner Custom Home.


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